Pallet Boxes

If you need to ship lots of goods together or one bulky item, pallet boxes are the perfect solution. Our team in here to help engineer a box fit for your needs


Flute Sizes

Determining the best flute size depends on many factors. The most significant factors are, the weight of the contents and whether or not the box will be shipped overseas.

If you are unsure which flute size to choose, we would advise you to let us know what the box will be used for and we will give our suggested flute size based on the information you give us.



Branding your boxes is a great way to show the world that you're a respectable business. In addition to giving your product a professional look, it increases your brand recognition.

While adding colour to your boxes does increase the cost, this can be offset by ordering a higher quantity.

Depending on the style of box you choose, we are able to offer up to 6 colour print.

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