FillAir Rocket

The Fill-Air Rocket® inflatable void fill system, a void fill solution designed specifically to meet the needs of modern fulfilment. Drawing on decades of best-in-class inflatable void fill experience, the Fill-Air Rocket® system is faster, simpler, lighter and better prepared for your packaging operations.


Simplified Operation

Small and light - easy to install in a variety of packaging line configurations

Easy to use - simply plug in and load the film to begin

Patented edge seal technology with ambient temperature sensing - gives a perfectly sealed bag

Quiet mode option - reduces operational noise levels

Unrivalled Speed

30 metres of inflated void fill cushions per minute - increased productivity for demanding environments.

Quick start - creates bags instantaneously, operating at maximum capacity the moment it is turned on.

Cross seal identification sensors - enable to stop and start automatically on a cross seal every time, optimising bag fill for consistent protective performance.

Automated tracking control - eliminates the need for manual adjustment providing consistent inflation.

Packaging-on-demand - various delivery options available: material batched into bins, delivered via Quick Shot® or Jet Stream® to multiple packers increasing packaging output and improving efficiency.

Auto-replenishment sensor - maintains a consistent supply of material.

Versatile Film Options

Fill-Air Extreme® and Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency® films are available in three widths (200mm, 250mm and 300mm) and can be converted to two different cushion lengths (130mm and 200mm) creating six possible cushion sizes.

Recyclable And Reusable

The superior sealing technology and material strength of Fill-Air® packaging makes it highly reusable. Fill-Air® packaging is recyclable and loses 99.3% of its volume when deflated. It also provides a reduced equipment footprint.

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