PriorityPak Is A High-Speed System Solution That Encapsulates Products In A Ready-To-Ship Protective Package


Dramatically Increase Productivity

The system shortens the packaging process and maximises your use of labour by creating up to 20 packages a minute, compared to only 1-3 packages a minute when using manual packaging methods.


Determine The PriorityPak System That Suits Your Packaging Line

Simply place the product on the in-feed conveyor, apply the mailing label to the top web, and push a button to create a package.


Customize A System For Your Operation

The system can be seamlessly integrated into existing packaging lines, interfacing with other automated equipment.

The Performance of Cold Seal® Cohesive Packaging

The PriorityPak system encapsulates your products in a Cold Seal cohesive-coated protective package that locks and seals products in place to minimise shifting inside the package; providing superior product protection from the rigours of shipping and handling.

Enhance Your Packaging with Optional Features

Six color custom printing is available on all PriorityWrap® Rigid Board, PriorityWrap® Bubble Laminate and PriorityWrap® Film/Paper Laminate materials. Additionally, easy-open pull tabs and perforations can be integrated into all materials.

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