Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can take many forms, including bubble bags, adhesive backed bubble wrap and bubble wrap on a roll. It is a durable lightweight and very popular solution for protecting goods during transit.


Stock sizes available

We stock all standard width of bubble wrap on rolls and bubble bags, both anti static and regular. For a complete list of sizes please give us a call, alternatively you can fill out the contact form below.

Choose a grade

There are different grades of bubble wrap, each designed for more specific purposes than others. let us know what you you'd like to protect and we will help choose the best grade for your use.

Better product identification

If product identification is an important aspect of your packaging requirements, bubble wrap is an ideal solution. Such scenarios may occur when you are placing multiple components in the same box that the customer will need to identify.

Anti static quality

In addition to giving your products great cushioning, you may also require high performance static-free characteristics designed to protect electronic components. If this is the case we offer both bubble bags and bubble wrap designed for this purpose.

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