Keeping your goods securely packed couldn't be easier. Using a machine or manual strapping tool will ensure your boxes are tightly packed and nothing falls off your pallets.


Types of Strapping

The purpose of the strapping will determine which material, width and breaking strain you require. Strapping comes in 3 materials, polyester, polypropylene and steel. Each material has unique characteristics. If you are unsure what type you require, feel free to contact one of our friendly team members who would be happy to help. you can call our number at the bottom of the page or fill in the form below.


Strapping Machines

Strapping machines are perfect for strapping boxes that need extra to be extra sturdy to ensure the contents don't come out. They are simple to operate and operators will require minimal training to use them.

Manual Strapping Tools

The manual strapping tool is an easy to use tool that makes strapping pallets really simple. In four quick actions you will have strapped your products tightly to the pallet ensuring the goods don't fall off.

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