Korrvu Retention boxes

Korrvu Retention boxes create a simple and attractive solution for products that require protection from shock during shipping, handling and transportation within an innovative all-in-one box design that is ready to ship.


Stock sizes available

As well as having the ability to have bespoke sizes and shapes. Korrvu retention boxes also come in a variety of stock sizes. for a complete list of sizes please give us a call, alternatively you can fill out the contact form below.

Reduce packing time

Korrvu® retention boxes are designed to be quick and easy to assemble. Additionally, the boxes come flat packed to reduce space requirements in your packing area.

Designed with presentation in mind

Korrvu packaging is a solution for shipping products when presentation and customer experience are key. The unique design utilizes a low-slip film that positions and secures your products to a corrugated backing, which guarantees that your customers will enjoy a retail experience out of the box.

Perfectly optimise your packaging

Each Korrvu Retention Box is custom-engineered to suit its intended product perfectly. This not only ensures optimal performance, but an extremely efficient package. Additionally, some of our most common e-commerce application designs are available as standard offerings. Dimensional weight is reduced through the use of structurally reinforced lightweight materials, and elimination of excess packaging material.

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