Stratocell Foam Moulds

The high performance qualities and the "green" credentials of Stratocell foam moulds make for a perfect cost alternative to many conventional materials such as the polyurethane foams, expanded polystyrene and corrugated fitments.


Low volume runs

Stratocell Foam Moulds are best suited for low volume runs, although high volume runs can be achieved. If you have a new product or are trialling a new packaging system, Stratocell could be for you.

10x lower setup costs

When compared to polystyrene moulding, the set up costs for Stratocell moulds can be as much as 10 time lower. This is because the tooling required doesn't require as much engineering. Pre-production samples can also be created for a small additional cost to confirm final dimensions.

Reduce packing time

Using other packing methods such as wrapping your products individually in bubble wrap can be time consuming. Stratocell moulds can be slipped on and off your goods quickly and easily saving you time. In addition to saving you time, it will also save your customers time unpacking the goods, resulting in a more satisfied customer.

Any shape & size

Stratocell foam is highly durable and can be formed into any shape you desire offering great support for odd shaped goods. If the goods you wish to support are heavy, we can simply design a mould with a larger support structure to distribute the weight evenly throughout the box.

Great crash resistance

Stratocell foam moulds give great resistance against goods being dropped and knocked during transit. It can sometimes be the case that some parts of your product need more support than others part. Stratocell foam moulds can easily be designed to add more crash resistance in different areas to suit your needs. Give one of our friendly team a call for more info.